Much Needed Q & A.

Hey all!!! Hope this festive month is bringing you all a lot of happiness, success & love. Today’s post is going to be slightly different than my other posts. Today all of you, my special people are going to enlighten me & do all the talking as I feel completely lost & backdated with the latest clothing trends & makeup trends. This Q & A is for all my readers. Both Ladies & Gentlemen.

Ladies I surely need your expert Advice

Gentlemen, please do not shy away your opinion is of utmost importance, remember ladies dress up partly to get noticed & being complimented by you.

So Q & A begins?

Q1.) Please tell me what are your plans for New Years??? Are you taking it easy? Are you having a house party? Are you spending time with Friends Or family?? Are you travelling especially to some place to celebrate Christmas & New Years.???

Q2) What are you wearing?? The Question of the season!!! Ladies whats the trendy wear this year? Gentlemen how are you going to end your year?? Looking Classy, Trendy, Cool, Hunk???? I am Curious???

Q3) What is Your New Year Resolution & how do you plan to accomplish that???

Q4) What Kind a makeup is in right now??? Is it still the season of NUDES or has it changed???

Q5) Gentlemen how do you want your LADY to look & dress like??


Like I said in this post you are going to do the talking & I am going to get updated. Quickly pour in your replies I can Barely wait. You can leave your reply anywhere you like.


37 Comments on “Much Needed Q & A.

  1. My plans for 2019 is definitely to increase my work more, I’m doing it myself and I want to live my passion!

  2. Well if my husband answered the last question, I am sure he would say CUTE – IE: don’t wear the crap I always wear, LOL!

  3. Very interesting article of q&a for your readers. Unfortunately, I haven’t given any of those items much thought until reading but surely the questions are important enough to ponder for some.

    • Well, that what is the intent behind. We sometimes forget to give these little things importance & take them for granted. Well, at least it got you to a little thinking. Hope you enjoy your new years. thanks for your time & participation.

  4. Hadn’t thought about it before reading your questions. No New Year’s party for me though. I love chilling out at home – the best place to be.

  5. Ah New Years.. We actually have no plans this year. The kids will be home so probably just dinner at the house and a movie with the family

  6. I plan to work on my blog more and launch my first eBook, collaborate with more bloggers and do more travelling come 2019. And again, rock more suits!wohoo!

  7. New Years!!!! Aayesss!!! Im obviously going home… nothing better then New Years with family! All about the cozy PJZ n fluffy socks!!! Get around the table to say good bye to this year n welcome with lots of hope n love the New Year! And around this table with the presence of my family members ill make all my new year resolution plans!!!! Yyyaaaeeee !!!

  8. No plans for the new year. We like to stay home and watch movies all night.

  9. Hahahah this new years il be on a flight bck to Dubai from Houston. My first new years experience inflight.. im sure it will be fun and something different at 39000feet. 🤗

  10. We have small children and love being hermits. We plan on camping out together as a family to watch the ball drop in our finished basement. I love the idea of us all waking up together on New Year’s day. We’ve done this every year since the kids have been small and I think we will continue the tradition.

  11. I have to admit I don’t make resolutions, I find I do better changing things when I feel the time is right rather than just because it is new year. I am also wearing no makeup right now!

    • I agree It is better to have no resolution & accomplish that, then to have one & not accomplish it. No makeup is like me. That is why was asking for tips too. I live natural beauty to be honest

  12. I’ll be chilling at home on New Years so I’m the wrong person to ask about what to wear that night! I do love ModCloth though! I need to seriously sit and think about my goals for 2019!

  13. I’ am planning to family dinner in coming new years eve and this is so exciting!!

  14. I’ll be fast asleep when the calendar ticks over. I don’t worry about New Years.

  15. For New Years, our friends always host a cozy party with the kids at their at house. We all have young children and spend it together. My friend is an amazing cook and loves to entertain. Happy New Year!

  16. These are fun Qs to really answer. I have so many plans for next year. Hopefully all will turn out well.

  17. I don’t know if nudes are still in but I still love them. I do love a nice bold lip though.

  18. This year we’ve been doing a lot of nontraditional holidays. We will spend New Years in LA. Don’t have a plan yet on the differ t festivities that’s going on in town.

  19. So my plans are to grow as a person and to get rid of the anxiety that takes over my days.

  20. I tend to be rather last-minute with my NYE plans and this year, I still don’t know exactly what I’ll be doing yet. I’ll either spend it with family and friends in Ross-on-Wye, or with friends in Cardiff. Either way, I don’t think I’ll get overly dressed up but smart-casual is probably a good choice 🙂

  21. This New Years we are going to enjoy the craziness of London! It’s only a short train ride. I have a BEAUTIFUL blue sequin dress to wear and I’m definitely going bold with the makeup! Nudes are my everyday go to. As for the resolutions, I have actually partnered up with a blogger friend of mine to knock out these goals for 2019. Plus it’s our last year in the UK so lots of travel planning!

  22. This time I’m not making New Year’s resolutions. I know what I needed to do in 2019, and I will just to do. This time it may make a whole lot of difference.

  23. Thank you all for participating. Thank You for some insights on the latest trends. Thank You for sharing your goals, Your plans. It was indeed a great way to know each one of you. We wish you all Merry Christmas & a Prosperous Happy New Year. God Bless You all. Stay Blessed.

  24. I am definitely still into nudes and natural pink tones. These will always be my go-to looks, even in 2019!

  25. I am definitely changing directions with some things in my life in 2019. I have a feeling that this is going to be the best year in a while.

  26. We planned a family party in the new year. Kids are so excited for it. And I don’t have any new year resolutions as I fail to do them all year.

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