Does Dubai have Christmas Markets?

Season’s Greetings Everyone!!! As winter has dawned upon Dubai, there is a totally different ambience to this desert country and the evenings become merrier as we get closer to Christmas. We may not have elaborate Christmas Markets like in Europe and the Americas because the country is governed by Islamic laws, but we do have a little share of Christmas market and festivities.

Mulled wine, brandy, gingerbread and mince pies, all under one roof. This might sound a bit questionable, but yes we’ve got it covered. We visited the Christmas Market set up at the Al Habtoor Palace Hotel, Downtown Dubai and instantly fell in love with it. It was not definitely as huge as a typical Christmas set up elsewhere, but didn’t feel any less. Set up at their huge open garden, there is enough room for everyone.6FE98C2B-1AAA-42CA-95BD-34EA324A4022F083E9C1-1A78-4737-812D-FC2D69D5EAD1BEF6F7F5-C302-43E2-9CAF-CF84F7CD41348D93D041-F027-49D6-9DC6-648D9D50D43A8D36CA73-54B9-4F69-91FF-031DF0AE87F4qH+laceWQPynisMSF+ntTA


Right at the entrance, there was a larger than life and beautifully decorated Christmas tree and a huge statue of Santa with his sleigh. You already soak into the festive mood as you step inside as everyone there is joyous and enjoying their time. There are stalls selling beer, mulled wine, hot chocolate, cookies, gingerbread and many more snack selection to complement the atmosphere. There is also a dedicated children play area and lots of stands offering games and prizes. The decorations of colourful lighting, Christmas bells and carols playing in the backdrop will definitely cheer your mood and prepare you for the festive season.314D3E3E-C8D3-4A25-989E-D4435FACE47010740637568_AF3A0211


If you are in Dubai & missing Christmas Markets go to Al Habtoor Palace. So without much adieu, hope everyone has a great time here and wishing everyone Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!!  Know more about Dubai’s Multicultural Event. Do share this post with your friends or family & enlighten them about this  Christmas Market in Dubai.



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