Where is Santa Clauses house?

Its ringing Jingle bells everywhere and holidays are never happy without Santa Clause. Today, we spent some time visiting Santa Clause at his home in the city of North Pole, Alaska, USA.

About 14 miles south-east of Fairbanks, on the AK 2 freeway, sits the small town of North Pole. This small town is famous for its year-round Christmas decorations. Yup, you heard that right, its Christmas in here all year long. Even the street lamp posts are in form of a candy cane, which adds to the decorations. And no matter where you are in the North Pole, you are very close to 101, St Nicholas Dr, Santa Clause House.

This place is open all year long apart from Thanksgiving day and 3 days over Christmas. Outside Santa Clause House, stands a 50 feet tall statue of Santa and his sleigh which are a great photo spot. VtIaKMsZTCSe0wwNSIw63wkkjYr+zDRliby+yjNp3apgA few yards away is a Reindeer park where Santa’s reindeers hang around when not pulling his sleigh.GalOxvofQtC5R7N4Vy8DlgzJwSo7PfSlqhk53Dg4NwNQ

Once you step inside Santa Clause House, you will witness a huge array of Christmas decorations and ornaments, exclusive North Pole collectables, made in Alaska items and a unique selection of toys. The Sweet Shop will always have delicious candies, cookies and fudge to offer. Not to mention, you will always hear Christmas carols playing, and of course, there is the jolly man in Santa costume, who is always happy to click photos and videos with visitors, adding to the atmosphere and make you feel like at Christmas, no matter what time of the year it is. Don’t be shy or surprised as the Santa might invite you irrespective of your age, sex or gender to sit on his lap;) Make your self comfortable &  ensure you carry your camera as this place will certainly have plenty of photo opportunities and remember to mail your postcards and letters to friends and family back home to receive the genuine North Pole postmark.IMG_3535wTrIIa0sR1iVeyxKp1iRag

During holidays, this place gets really busy and you might end up waiting in a long queue to meet with Santa, so refer to their website for their schedule and best timings to visit Santa.

So go ahead and make the most of your time here, and wish you all Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!! Ho Ho Ho !! If you are in Alaska do stop by this small town the North Pole & feel Christmasy.  We will be writing a lot more about Alaska in our later post, stay tuned by subscribing, or following us any of the below social media.


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