How to achieve Peace Of Mind?

Today’s topic is completely different from my niche. This is nothing to do with my travels. Neither is this subject one of my expertise. Yet I have this extreme urge of sharing my experience & struggle with you hoping it would answer your unasked question.  I am no psychologist, no therapist, neither a monk, yet I believe what everybody craves in today’s generation & busy life is peace of mind. Until a very long time in my life, I personally craved for peace of mind. No matter what I did, meditation, exercise, yoga, eat healthily, no matter who I met, friends or family, I still felt empty & unsettled, I finally ended up with a shrink, thinking probably I am going wrong somewhere.  No matter what I did, I never could find peace.

How to get peace of mind?

What I missed to understand is that peace is a state of mind, it is not something that, one can find in people or material.  There are few things in life, we learn only after we cross a certain age, after we face a certain difficult situation, after certain difficult circumstances & that makes us learn the things, we learnt, make us the kind person we are now. Our past experiences make us take a decision which directly or indirectly affects or builds our future which we very politely term it “destiny”.  In all this chaos what is extremely important is what you take from it. How you perceive life & how you lead that journey.

What I do In life to seek my happiness & peace of mind?

Travel: Not only was travelling my passion but travelling taught me so many things that otherwise I would have never learnt or understood or even appreciated. Travel made me see the world from other’s point of view. I realised that there is so much struggle & suffering in people’s life, & yet they know how to make the most of life & find peace. This taught me my next step to peace. Have a look at this video to lighten your mind. youtube

Gratitude: I realized, another important thing is life is Gratitude. I believe everything happens in life for a reason. We only realize it much later. There are many in the world who dream to live a life you are living.

Be Proud Of yourself: Your struggle is your struggle, your pain is your pain. Everybody has their own defence mechanism to deal with problems or situations. Everyone deals with pain differently. That does not make anyone else better than you are. The fact that you stood & fought your problem, speaks a lot about your resilience. Let no one, not even yourself question your abilities. Be proud of yourself & probably learn from it, if the situation arises you are all geared up & relaxed to deal with it. Enjoy this clip from Friends

Content: To be satisfied in life is one of the most difficult processes. I am currently in between learning to be content with what I have. Most of us seek quick treatments and quick results and resort to retail therapy to kill their loneliness. End up buying things which we would never need, and gain temporary happiness. But the happiness lasts only till the purchase is new.  Rather use that money in charity or donation. Laugh a little. Friends

Making others Happy: Psychology says, making others happy or to see someone smile gives you a sense of purpose & accomplishment. The feeling to know that you have made someone’s day, helps you deal with your own mental stress and lead to peace. Making others happy does not necessarily have to be monetary, a small gesture, a small thank you or a compliment can make someone’s day. Short Clip could not find it with subtitles but this short clip will give you a zest of the above.

Being a good friend: Sometimes all we need is to be heard. And there could be no one better than a friend. We are all very good advisors, but are we truly good listeners? People vent out their problems or would want to talk is, when something is disturbed from within, the best you can do is just listen & be a good friend. That itself will be a great help than to provide advise.  When you express your feelings loud most of the time you get a solution to your own problems. So even though advice is free, distribute them only when asked.  I am not suggesting to be a pushover, all I am suggesting is a friend in need is a friend indeed. Having said that I would like to emphasis on our next level. Enjoy this video of  Friends

Learning to enjoy your own company: Let’s accept it, It is a busy world we are living in, not everybody has the time & sometimes not everybody shares the emotional level & wavelength as probably you do. It is highly important to focus on what you like doing the most. Identify your hobbies, your likes & dislikes. It is very important to have “me time.” What I am now going to say might contradict to my previous point, It is okay to not be available for other’s all the time, it is equally important to spend time with your self, know your self. All you need to do is accept & acknowledge your strengths & weaknesses. Nobody understands you better than your self. It is okay to say NO than to regret later. Sometimes saying “NO” will help you preserve your own dignity your own self-respect.  That is going to take you a step closer to seeking peace. Laugh a little 

Forgiving yourself: It is okay to make mistakes, what is not okay is NOT to forgive yourself. We seldom forgive people, friends or family for mistakes they make but, we never forgive ourselves. We too are humans & that’s why we make mistakes. The charm about making mistakes is that it gives you an opportunity to learn. Learn from your mistakes & move on. Don’t be harsh on yourself, it will only do harm than good. Talking about moving on that is probably what we should do next.

Move On: When a crisis hits, learn from it & move on. Don’t let any negativity hold you back. Piling up negativity leads to unsettled mind & further hampers your peace of mind. Very rightly said, “we never laugh at the same joke then, why should we cry over the same problems”. Must Watch Gaur Gopal Das

Like I mentioned earlier, I am not a counsellor or a professional, but all of the above things I learnt with time & with personal experiences. These experiences gave me what I was seeking. My Peace Of Mind, My happiness. Hope this helps you if you are reading this post in search of peace of mind. The above things were not taught to me they came to me through my own struggle. Who knows..??? you might find yours too. Learn more about 5 ways to love you

Enjoy reading & remember happiness & peace lies within you. That’s where you should be looking.


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