Where To Buy Fresh Fish, Fruits & Vegetables In Dubai?

Where To Buy Good Fish In Dubai? Well Purnendu & I, when we came to Dubai, did find ourselves getting stuck to this question quite often, till we reached a point we stopped having seafood, as the fish that we found in supermarkets were not as fresh & not as reasonable. Like I always say they are quite fishy!!!

Not long ago we got introduced to a place where we could buy fresh Fish, Fruits & vegetables in Dubai, which is quite FRESH, quite REASONABLE & not fishy at all;) If you are an expat, local or tourist this post is for all. As UAE lies within the Arabian Desert & to find something this fresh definitely is a thing. It certainly is one of its kind.  Let’s start;

Where To buy FRESH FISH & MEAT?

I am not going to waste your time, I am going to tell you right away just in case you have reached this post, while you are in dire need of Fresh Fish Fruits & Vegetables. Go run to Deira Waterfront Market. Promise to come back & read the rest of the post. Although I would like you to read a few important things before you get there.


Deira Waterfront Market:

Al Khaleej Road, Opposite Dubai Hospital, Corniche Deira, Dubai. Just type Deira Waterfront Market on your GPS it sure will take you to the right place. Pm50mPkrT4eGNaI1U9LSug

What To expect?

Well!! Deira Waterfront Market is actually in a mall. So that answers your next question, Yes there is plenty of parking in the mall. It is a Fish Market, so yes it does smell fishy. This market is huge, & since it is in the mall, it is in an air-conditioned clean place. The fishermen work very hard all day to get the best fish in the market. These fishermen are highly talented individuals. They come from different countries but have been in UAE throughout their lives running & growing the same business. They are very good at what they do. The fishermen here speak a couple of foreign languages & that too very fluently. They sure have a way to entertain you through their diverse knowledge of Seafood. Yvlljj7fTFO2GOUcX9vRfQExJ9Ns2ZTRaZZamd6FflDA

When To Go?

Well, good news! The Fish Market is open 24 hours. Yes!!! 24 HOURS. It does close for 2 hours during the day, but, that’s just because they would like to maintain the hygiene & cleanliness of the area. And I am sure you are in support of that.

When are they close for cleaning? 

  • Saturday – Thursday: 2pm to 4pm
  • Friday 12pm to 1;30pm.YeQu97kNTrqAVLWT2TyQ4g

What kinda seafood are we talking about?

Phwww!!!! Well if my friends are reading this post they are definitely mocking at me as they read, as I am typically one of them who thoroughly enjoys seafood but have no knowledge or the strength to be in the market for too long. I do not know how to choose a fish, what to check in it, nothing. That’s where the expert comes in, Purnendu. Purnendu, by the way, is born with a fish in his mouth. He is from West Bengal, where fish is considered holy & also, is a staple diet for the locals of West Bengal. A quick secret they also Gift a fish to the bride during the wedding ceremony. Yes!! I got one too. No jokes.


That is an image from my wedding album. Told you no kidding;) Fish with a beetle leaf in its mouth.

Sorry, getting back to what kind of seafood we are talking here. Let’s list them. Shall we:

  • Prawns
  • Tiger prawns
  • Crabs
  • Lobsters
  • Squids
  • Anchovies
  • Salmon
  • Sea Bass
  • King Fish
  • Mackerel
  • Tuna
  • Sardines
  • Hamour (obviously The local)IMG_4817IMG_4815HLk8E+OqRgWzigpSRqx6Yg71tj2nyGTV2id1JjPKwDsQ

That’s how far my knowledge for seafood goes, but clearly, it doesn’t stop there. There are countless options to choose from. Purnendu has made it easy for me he says, “Baby, you just choose the shape, size & colour rest I’ll take over, I’ll need you back to BARGAIN though;)


That’s Purnendu checking & I am far far away;)

Negotiate/Bargain & Price:

Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!! Ladies use all your bargaining skills here, you are definitely going to need them. The whole fish market runs on negotiation & bargains. The fishermen’s know that most of the general public that come in here come to stock up for a couple of days or even for a week. And I only think it is practical to stock up. Ohk the trick is, the more in bulk you buy, the chances are you will get it for your quoted price. But if you are like me you buy 2 pieces & still bargain without irritating him, you might get a good deal. The price for 2 Kingfish, total weight of the fish was 1kg & few grams he quoted us 30 AED & ended up giving in 20 AED. Price for half kg prawns was around the same price 30 AED we got them for 22 AED Price for 2kg Salmon (2 fillets) was 60 AED we got them for 40AED.

Let’s Compare Prices:

If you have bought fish from other supermarkets you know it by now, it’s reasonable. I know Salmon In many supermarkets cost nothing less than 80 AED for 1 fillet, half kg Prawns are for around roughly 50 AED, & you might not even get kingfish so forget about it. Not only are they half priced, but they also are fresh & tasty.

Choices of Meat?

All kind of meat.  Chicken, Fish,  Beef,  Lamb, all kind of Red Meat.

Cleaning facilities:

Yes, the market has a separate section where you can give the meat for cleaning. You will see how unbelievably clean the place is. They clean all kind of meat here. They prepare fillets, you can also get a boneless chicken. Basically, any way you like. It is also very organized. It works on the number system. You give the meat, you will get a numbered coupon, just like the ones in banks, wait for your number & there it is. There are big TV screens displayed all around the waiting/seating area where you can check your number. Waiting time: maximum of 10 mins.j0r7cv%RSyCyxdjXJVNWHw


There is a cleaning truck to keep the floor dry.


Cleaning section.


A TV screen with all the coupon number.



One Excellent option is, there are restaurants at the waterfront. You can give them the fish you just bought & they will do all the cooking for you. The way you like the way you want. Obviously, you pay for that. With an amazing waterfront view.

Well we cooked, I mean, Purnendu cooked;) while I made my self useful, waited with chilled beers. Cheers!!!!


That our Meal. yummmm…

Let’s Talk Green.

Fruits & Vegetables Market:CluQ8NgWRy+ze4AeddJKeA

Location: Same Deira Waterfront Market.

While you are buying meat I am certain you would need some veggies on the side or fruits for dessert. The Fruits & Vegetables Market is just as big as the Fish Market. It is just as clean as the Fish Market & no it doesn’t smell fishy in here. It smells fruity.waqvwrfPQRyBhUU8ltTr8A


They are open from 7am – 1pm.

Just like the fish market the guys here have a very good knowledge of the Fruits & Vegetables. They too, speak many languages. Yes, they bargain too. And they are damn reasonable. One of the very good things, I’d rather say the best thing of this market, this market can be a nibbling place for you. The vendors here always have few melons, mangoes, grapes, etc cut as tasters. The moment you stop at their stall, be rest assured he is going to offer you all he is got. The good thing about tasters is, you know what you are buying. You get to taste the Melon before you buy them. Unlike other supermarkets where you pick them depending on it’s looks or smell or just guess-work.5PDAWEw9SI2g89hg6DfIqA

Prices: Huge difference.

Fresh coconut water: 5 AED/piece in the supermarkets 6-7 AED/piece. Cob Corn 1 AED/piece. Supermarkets 10 AED for 1, cut in half.  Avocados 10 AED/kg NOT per piece. Supermarkets sell it for 7 AED/piece. Chestnuts 5 AED/for half kg. Global village sells them for 1 AED/piece. 1 kg Melon 5AED. All kind of leafy vegetables like coriander, mint leaves, curry leaves, spinach, fenugreek, french onions, 1-2AED max. IMG_4840QwehJA%GRAWjPT29jWAhYAg3+YplLDSBydI31sP9QY7wLCtHqoDoRPiqvazFB0AGPAGnyWL94qSea4RsSqUzHSqw

All these fruits & vegetables are really fresh & good they are the kinds that you would find in one of the premium supermarkets like Waitrose or Spinneys but reasonably priced.

Just behind the fruit market, you will also find eggs, dry fruits like almonds, dates, etc. They can be purchased loose does not have to be half kg packets. Something like Carrefour offers, but, obviously better price. One could also find all kinds of rice, lentils, kinds of pasta, sauces, oils, spices etc. All of these can be bought loose. Like maybe 200gms of rice. 150 grams of dal etc.

This place is definitely one of its kind. It is for perfect grocery shopping.  It is certainly comparatively reasonable than other places I have been. Below is the list of things we bought & how much we spent

  1. half a kg Avocado
  2. 2 cob corns
  3. 6 pieces of fenugreek leaves.
  4. 5 pieces Persimmon fruit.
  5. 2 pieces (1kg) Kingfish.
  6. Half kg prawns
  7. half kg French beans.
  8. 2 pieces of French onions.
  9. 5 pieces of coriander leaves.
  10. 100gms green chillies.
  11. 2 pieces of white onions.
  12. 1 piece of beetroot.
  13. half a kg cucumber.
  14. half a kg chestnuts.
  15. 1 kg melon.
  16. 14 pieces of coconut waterH5fO7ylJQuGbSZsCU3YcrA

I probably must have missed something. But all this cost me 200AED.  Like I said this place is the right place to go if you are looking for FRESH FISH FRUITS & VEGETABLES & it clearly is Damn REASONABLE. Hope this was an appetizing post for you. Next time you go grocery go DEIRA WATERFRONT MARKET & do leave a comment if you like shopping here. Enjoy shopping. Stay Healthy Eat Fresh. Bon Appetite People!!!!




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