Douro Valley 2 Days Wine Tour.

Douro Valley Wine Tour, This is a must do if you have reached the city of Porto. I strongly suggest adding Douro Valley as a part of your summer trip, irrespective of your love for wine. We personally did this trip when we did our road trip to Portugal Road Trip

Use this GetYourGuide to book your trips & be the first to attend the harvest festival.

The Douro Valley wine country is accessible by both road and rail from Porto. We chose to take a break from driving this time and boarded a train from the station, Porto Campanhã. 

Note: If you are lucky and start your train ride out of Porto on a Sunday, you might get to ride their heritage train which still runs on a Steam Engine.

Access the Train Time Table

It was an organized tour two-day trip for us. The tour was organized by GoGal. One of their associates, Ms Vanda organized the whole tour for us. Unfortunately, this company is out of service at this time. A big Hiiiiii!!!! to Vanda if you are reading this. 

Day 1: Porto Campanhã Train Station:

Our train from Porto Campanhã was departing at 7:15am. We met Vanda, at the station who was ready with our train tickets. The train tickets were 10.85€/person to Pihão. And we arrived at our destination at 9:36am.

What to Expect?

The initial one hour of the train is through the villages & residential area. Nothing exciting. Probably this is the right time to catch up on some sleep. After you cross the town of Peso Da Regua, the railway starts to follow the river. Make sure you are seated on the right side of the train to catch on the best view of the Douro River and the valley. 

After an hour and half of enjoying the stunning views of the valley, we reached our destination where we were picked up by Sir Amandejo, who was ready to drive us to our first wine estate;

 Quinta Nova.


A quick drive through stunningly beautiful windy roads along the Douro river reached us to the wine estate of Quinta Nova, where we were booked for some very interesting wine lessons. This was our 1st wine tour. The tour was walking through the Quinta (estate), while the wine expert gave us an insight of the winemaking, their harvest season, the kind of grape that is picked, the barrels, the machines used in the olden times versus the machines used now. We also had an opportunity to pick a few grapes & perhaps try them as well. Speaking of the harvest season, one could be a part of this program, wherein, participants would embark huge vats in pairs and crush the grapes by their feet. There was a price of an additional 12€/person but the estate would only confirm the program a few days before, as it all depends on the grape maturation. At the end of the tour, we were rewarded with a tasting of 4 wines, Port Wine & Douro wine. 


Its windy Roads


Douro Valley View

IMG_5678Quinta Nova (Wine Estate)IMG_5694IMG_5705IMG_5698IMG_5748


Quinta Nova was situated at an elevation, overlooking the Douro River. An ideal place to have a relaxing afternoon and enjoy the wine tasting. Not that we were experienced wine tasters, but our impression of tiny wine samples was completely contradicted with 4 generous servings of table and port wines. As we started to soak into the view and the wines, we ordered a cheese board to realize that we were completely full for lunch, which was also included in our package. But no regrets, as all the wine cheese and overeating was totally worth the experience.



View From Quinta Nova




Nothing can compete Wine & Cheese.



Generous Wine Tasing.



Lunch Was served Here.

After the relaxing afternoon, we checked into our one of its kind hotel, Morgadio Da Calçada.

Checking into Morgadio Da Calçada, gave us a feeling of checking into a heritage property. They are one of the oldest estates in the region and the family history has been well-preserved for generations. Our evening was spent walking in their vineyard, relaxing in the courtyard and had dinner at the restaurant nearby. More about the hotel below. Book Your Stay with Morgadio Da Calçada.



Morgadioda Da Casçada Wine estate.


Day 2:  Quinta De La Rosa.


After some basic breakfast in our hotel, we were ready for our next experience Quinta De La Rosa. This was also a wine estate but unlike Quinta Nova, Quinta Del Rosa was very modernized with its winemaking techniques, its machines & also this estate was internationally operated. The wine tour was very similar, but the huge difference was most of the tour was indoors. Whereas in Quinta Nova we had an opportunity to walk in the vineyards, we did not get this privilege in Quinta De La Rosa. IMG_5783IMG_5770IMG_5762IMG_5760

After the tour, we were bought to a boutique of wine, where we had a chance to taste a few of their produce. I think earlier we spoke & thought too fast about how generous their wine tasting portions were. In here it was exactly opposite of what we had yesterday. Each one of us was given ONE wine glass which we had to rinse and reuse. Also, the wine samplers brought us back to reality with their portions.

Both wine estates were otherwise unique in itself. While the winemaking process at Quinta Nova was very old school and traditional and closely operated by local owners, Quinta De La Rosa was operated by overseas owners and their winemaking processes and machinery were very modern and state-of-the-art.

Tip: Make sure you at least try Quinta De La Rosa’s 20 years tawny port. We loved it so much that we bought one for ourselves for 24€. It is a delicious investment.IMG_5805


After the wine tour, we headed for our lunch in Quinta De La Rosa. The restaurant was on the 1st floor of the building with beautiful views of the Douro Valley. The food was nice & quick. Well quick because our skipper was waiting to sail us through the beautiful Douro Valley.


This was where the lunch was


Private Sail:

It was a 2-hour sail in the magnificent landscape of Duoro Valley which is also considered by UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was a private sail, with a private skipper. The experience was out of the world. The welcome drink offered to us was the home-made tawny port wine. I am going to let the pictures do some talking here.IMG_5767IMG_5787IMG_5772IMG_5778


That is our Mr. Skipper.



We could not get enough of taking pictures. Clearly;)



Douro Valley Bridge.

After the sail, Amandejo took us to the Dock Restaurants for a walk around. We had a beautiful view of the Douro Valley & that’s when we spotted the Heritage Steam Engine Train.  After some brief walk, strolling around the dock we headed back to our hotel Morgadio Da Calçada.


Heritage Steam Engine Train.

Morgadio Da Calçada:

Like mentioned earlier Morgadio Da Calçada is a heritage property & it certainly is one of the oldest wine estates. This experience was confirmed during dinner. Our Dinner for the 2nd night was included with the stay. I remember Vanda mentioning about a surprise, but wasn’t sure what to expect.

The Morgadio da Calçada has eight personalized rooms for visitors who want to know one of the oldest wine estates in the Douro producer of wines. “Morgadio da Calçada” is a brand by the winemaker Dirk Niepoort.

The rooms are next to a century XVII stately manor house, famous in the region, erected by one classified Douro wine producer villages – Provesende. The old farm buildings were recently renovated the contemporary new rooms offer all modern comforts: air conditioning, private bathroom, TV, tea in the rooms, keeping, however, the rural character of the old buildings.

The owner of the property gave us a tour of this heritage site. Huge 17th-century rooms, paintings, old designs of furniture, carpets etc. All of these were well maintained & preserved by the family for generations. At the end of the tour Dinner was held in one of the Lavish hall, which was, back then, probably a dining room. It was a buffet style setup for Dinner. The crockery’s & cutlery was old style too. There were round tables with 8-10 chairs that gave us an opportunity to meet & talk to a lot of other travellers from all around the world. The dinner was Octopus Rice. (Arroz De Polvo Malandrino). Octopus is supposed to be their delicacy undoubtedly the preparation was very Portuguese Style. Wine from their own seller was free-flowing. KwDqd72CS2mzSABq%4rxDg


Image from my Travel Book.


Image from my Travel Book


Swimming Pool


Hotel Entrance.

This personal touch gave our Douro Valley 2 days Wine Tour experience, an Experience to reminiscent. We cannot emphasise enough & recommend enough on how this trip will be an additional flavour or the icing on the cake. If you haven’t yet booked this property now is the best time. Book Now.


  •   2 Night ́s in a double premier room, with breakfast, at “Calçada do Moragadio”;
  •   Private sailing boat trip with skipper ( 2hours)
  •   1 wine tour and 4 wine tasting at Quinta De La Rosa
  • Lunch at Quinta De La Rosa
  •   1 lunch at “Conceitus Winery Restaurant” Quinta Nova
  •   Wine tour at “Quinta Nova Luxury House” with 4 wines tasting.
  •   Possibility to do upgrade for Harvests program for 12€ per person (payable at the Estate)


PRICE PACAKGE/PERSON: 300€  (600€ for 2)


Transfers To & From

– Pinhão train Station to Quinta Nova
– Quinta Nova to Morgadio da Calçada – Morgadio da Calçada to Quinta De La Rosa
– Quinta De La Rosa to Pinhão dock
– Pinhão dock to Morgadio da Calçada – Morgadio da Calçada to Pinhão Train Station

Number of transfers: 6

Price for the all the transfers in a private car 170€.

Total Cost for the whole package including transfers for 2 people which INCLUDES ALL OF THE ABOVE WAS 760€

One could Drive to Douro Valley as well & maybe that would cut down the total cost. That is our plan next time.  But since this was our 2 days relaxing trip we decide to pamper ourselves. Hope you have enjoyed reading & hope you have got an idea or insight for your trip. Please do feel free to share this post with friends & family & do let us know how your trip to Douro Valley was. We would like to be a part of your tour through pictures. Enjoy your trip & Safe Travels.





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